For those who already have an ice making machine, a frequent doubt that may come up is how they can achieve a higher production. Even when we have productions levels that may seem enough, we probably feel curious about how to increase the performance.

If this is your case, we have great news for you: implementing small adjustments may achieve a significant increase in the ice production of your machine without influencing the quality in any way possible.

At ITV Ice Makers, we want you to make the most from your ice making machine. Because of this, we recommend you make good use of the following four pieces of advice (which are completely actionable) and enjoy the best possible performance.

Choosing the Right Water

When it comes to making ice, the water is everything. The two main factors are the water’s purity and its temperature when it goes inside the ice making machine. When relevant levels of minerals are present in the water, the freezing temperature gets altered, becoming even lower than the standard estimate. This means that the ice takes more time to freeze, because it requires a significantly lower temperature.

Afterwards, the temperature of the used water when it goes inside the machine is also fundamental. The cooler it is, faster the freezing process will be since the first moment. If we use warm or hot water, the ice making machine will have to make a bigger effort to freeze this water and make the desired ice.

The solution here is to guarantee a pure water supply which is also at a favorable temperature. It is true that the ice making machines have a high-efficiency filter that works within. However, here the principle is the same: the machine needs to work more time in order to get the job done.

Room Temperature

Give a second thought to where you are going to install the ice making machine, because its position will influence in an important fashion the performance. A cooler environment will benefit the hardware, which will have to apply less effort to make ice.

It’s essential for the ice making machine to cool down constantly during its operative state. To achieve this, it must be placed in the right spot, where the temperature may go down and help the components to efficiently reduce their temperature.

Installing an ice making machine directly on the floor is a great idea. However, the floor material is important. Some materials cool down more efficiently than others, like ceramic.

Maintenance Routine

Believe it or not, the ice making machines, even those with high-quality components and parts, require an eventual maintenance routine. This procedure allows the internal components to maintain in good conditions and, consequently, to work in an optimum fashion.

We don’t have to wait for the ice making machine to get broken in order to ask for expert’s help. On the contrary, we need to see technical assistance as a constant to avoid problems and keep the machine operating accordingly. A key moment in maintenance is to keep the condenser always clean, because impurities may stack up, which is common and highly dangerous for the machine.

Choosing the Right Size of Ice Cube

The last advice will depend on the type of ice making machine used at home or work. Many models allow us to choose the size of the ice cube produced. Even with this feature, not all sizes are ideal for the precise model.

We need to understand the model’s specifications and its true capacity for ice making. Only this way we’ll know the right size, one that may extend the product’s useful life.

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