In any restaurant or hospitality business, not only service and drinks must be good. Ice must be good too. The GALA NG range was created for covering that need. The design is based in the renowned pump-injector system, but it incorporates all of the technological advances of ITV-Ice Makers. It is then a one-of-a-kind machine.


This range is designed to produce the perfect, elegant cube par excellence. GALA wants to combine technology to create a piece of ice that is served in the vast majority of quality establishments in the Western world. These machines have a solid internal structure that enables both maintenance and specialist intervention.

Besides, the elastic shower system, patented by ITV, prevents limescale problems. You can add the frontal in-out system, that guarantees perfect ventilation. And to accurately control production, it has two separate thermostats which help regulate both the production time and the amount of ice stored.

The GALA model is installed under the counter, and does not lose productivity when it’s built-in. The stainless steel door has a dampening system, also patented by ITV. The most highly regarded cube for Premium drinks as it takes just enough time to melt so as not to slow down the cooling.