From ITV we want to tell you about industrial refrigeration, its benefits and how to improve energy efficiency.

Industrial refrigeration is a crucial technology in the supply chain of food, medicine and other products that require storage at controlled temperatures. Through refrigeration, the quality and safety of these products can be preserved during storage and transportation. However, refrigeration can also be a costly process in terms of energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

For this reason, it is important to consider how to improve energy efficiency in industrial refrigeration rooms. One way to do this is by implementing technologies and practices that reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of refrigeration equipment.


Benefits of industrial refrigeration

One way to improve energy efficiency is by selecting high-efficiency refrigeration equipment and designing cold rooms with proper insulation. High-efficiency refrigeration equipment uses more advanced technologies that reduce energy consumption. Proper insulation in cold rooms also helps reduce the cooling load needed to maintain desired temperatures.

Other ways to improve energy efficiency include optimizing temperature control and implementing heat recovery systems. Proper temperature control can help reduce energy consumption by ensuring optimal cooling load. Heat recovery systems can use the heat produced by refrigeration equipment for other purposes, such as heating buildings or producing hot water.


ISO 14001 environmental management systems and carbon footprint

Our company has an environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standard, which means it has adopted a series of practices and procedures to control and minimize its impact on the environment. This implies the implementation of policies, objectives, procedures and action plans to prevent pollution, reduce waste, minimize the consumption of natural resources and improve energy efficiency.

In addition, the monitoring and measurement of the carbon footprint allow us to know the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we produce, both directly and indirectly. Thanks to this, we can establish goals and actions to reduce the carbon footprint.


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