With summer approaching, it is important for catering businesses to anticipate the unexpected and ensure that they have the necessary resources to meet customer demand. One of the problems that affected many outlets last summer was the shortage of ice packs, due to heat waves and the rising cost of electricity, plastic and fuel. To avoid similar situations this year, it is essential to take preventive measures, one of which is to invest in your own ice machine.

Purchasing an ice machine may seem a difficult and costly decision, but in the current context, it can be a great advantage and a significant saving in the long run. Faced with the possibility of a shortage of bagged ice, owning an ice machine offers several advantages that are worth considering.


Advantages of owning your own ice machine:

  • Savings: By producing your own ice instead of buying bags, you save significantly in the long run. You eliminate the recurring costs of purchasing bagged ice and optimise your budget, which translates into higher profitability for your business.
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  • Availability: Having your own ice machine ensures that you have ice cubes available at any time. You no longer have to depend on external suppliers or worry about ice shortages at times of high demand. You will be able to serve your customers constantly and without interruptions.


  • Convenience: With an ice machine in your establishment, you free yourself from the need to travel to stock up on ice. You will not waste time or effort in acquiring it, as you can produce it directly in your premises. This allows for more efficient management and greater convenience in your daily operations.


  • Ice quality: Ice machines are designed to produce high quality ice cubes, free of impurities and completely crystalline. Quality ice improves the presentation and taste of your products.


  • Sustainability: Opting for your own ice machine contributes to environmental sustainability. You reduce your dependence on plastic bags and reduce the gas emissions associated with transporting bagged ice. By choosing a more eco-friendly option, you are demonstrating your commitment to caring for the environment.


  • Hygiene: Having full control over ice production allows you to ensure hygiene and food safety in your business. You can implement rigorous cleaning processes and ensure that the ice used in your preparations is free of contaminants. Providing a safe and quality product is essential for the satisfaction and confidence of your customers.


To avoid ice shortages this summer, it is advisable to go ahead and purchase your own ice machine. The advantages it offers, such as speed, easy maintenance, compact design, good ice quality and cost savings, make this investment a smart decision for catering businesses. Don’t wait for the heat to arrive and demand to increase, get ready now to provide a quality service to customers!