Only those who are truly committed to their ice making machines know that complementing the product with some accessories is an extraordinary idea in order to have a more satisfying experience.

On the other hand, those who don’t pay too much attention to their ice making machines, portable or installed ones, the idea of complementing with accessories may sound odd. However, once we see these accessories, their relevance becomes clear to the end experience.

Not investing in these accessories do not sacrifice in any possible way the results. We’ll also have a high availability of high-quality ice, this whenever we wish. However, the accessories take the experience further.

At ITV Ice Makers, we recommend you consider the following accessories to complement your ice making machine.

Water Filter

Saying that the water filter is an accessory may sound like a mistake. Nonetheless, we put in on this list because it’s a smart idea to question the real capabilities of our current water filter, the one installed and operating on our ice making machine. This is useful to get an alternative that may produce better results.

The vast majority of modern ice making machines, including the ones manufactured by ITV Ice Makers, come with built-in high-efficiency water filters that guarantee the highest grade of purity of the water that will become ice cubes. Also, there are older models that may not have a filter and depend on water with questionable pureness.

Whichever is the case here, we can always get a water filter and replace the current one, increasing this way the quality of the water used for ice production.

Automatic Cleaning System

Investing in a compact automatic cleaning system for ice making machines is not always possible nor necessary. First, the vast majority of modern machines already have such systems installed inside, ensuring an optimum hygiene by avoiding dirt accumulation.

In the second place, not every ice making machine models available in the market are compatible with the automatic cleaning systems, this due to their internal components and structure. This means that this accessory is exclusive for those who want it and can use it.

If you have an ice making machine and ignore if it has a cleaning system built in, check the manual and find out. If the answer is negative, it becomes really important to know if making a new installation is possible. Taking care of a proper cleaning process is necessary to guarantee the good shape of the components and an optimum performance all the time.

Heat Exchanger

The science behind the heat exchanger is simple and the benefits it brings to ice making machines are huge. What this small component does is to transfer heat from one element to other.

In the case of machines for ice production at home or in commercial environments, what this component does is to reduce the temperature of the water coming into the system. This allows the machine to work with low-temperature liquid, naturally and safely reducing the water’s heat with each cycle.


The shovel is a quite obvious accessory that many ice making machine owners ignore. This is the simplest product on our list, but still, it brings great benefits to the users. The two reasons to use a shovel with an ice making machine are hygiene and convenience.

For those who manipulate the ice produced to be used in food and drink preparations, it’s simply irresponsible and unconscious to directly use the hands. Contamination is a constant and failures in terms of hygiene happen when we transmit bacteria from our hands to the ice.

Then is convenience. It’s senseless and uncomfortable to use the hands for moving ice from point A to B, especially when we know that there are other tools that allow us to do it more efficiently. Using the shovel is a solution for both problems because we can use ice cubes easier and without direct contact, something that may compromise hygiene.